Instructions for using the tool

The EMMASCAN provides multiple modules to evaluate the structure, vision, current working, case management, collaboration, information sharing and expertise of your local multi-agency working (MAW). The main goal of the self-evaluation tool is to allow a quick and easy evaluation of the Multi-Agency Working in your city/municipality. For more information about the indicators and the scoring process, please consult the EMMASCAN manual and the EMMA-project research report.

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Module 1: Structure

This module deals with the overall structure and practical conditions.

Module 2: Vision

This module examines the vision of your Multi-Agency Working.

Module 3: Current Working

This module explores the current working of your Multi-Agency Working. This module is completed twice (modules 3A and 3B), thus for the typical and atypical case/situation chosen by the coordinator.

Module 4: Case Management

This module should only be filled in twice (module 4A and 4B) if your Multi-Agency Working is doing case management. This will be indicated by the coordinator.

Module 5: Information Sharing

This module is about the information sharing in you Multi-Agency Working.

Module 6: Collaboration

This module deals with the collaboration processes within your Multi-Agency Working.

Module 7: Knowledge Transfer

This module is about knowledge transfer and expertise in your Multi-Agency Working.